Handcrafted Leather Bags

IBIZA BAO ATELIER bags represent a new concept of the classic straw bag that has been a great ally to women for years.

True to our brand DNA we have kept its function and essence, but it has also been modernised to introduce a cosmopolitan character, capable of seducing by its elegance and pragmatism.
Handcrafted using the finest naturally vegetable tanned leather, our bags are metal and chrome free, therefore biodegradable. IBIZA BAO ATELIER bags are designed for both men and women as we all want to feel good about ourselves but always taking care about our environment. We like beautiful and simple things, practicality, style, naturalness and quality. Our bags combine all these concepts. Our design is not about gender, but about freshness and elegance.

In 2 different colours – black & brown – and in 2 different sizes. IBIZA BAO ATELIER bags are versatile and can be taken from day-to-night. Our bags match all styles and represent the ideal complement to create a differential look. Traditional but innovative and cosmopolitan at the same time, IBIZA BAO ATELIER bag is the perfect companion anywhere you go.

We have also designed practical handbags and small bags for cosmetics or multiple uses that are the ideal complement to your IBIZA BAO ATELIER bag. Together or separate, your choice!

IBIZA BAO ATELIER bags and accessories will also talk about yourself.