Organic Cosmetics

Organic cosmetics made with sea water from Ibiza represents the soul of BAO Atelier.

What do we mean by organic? An organic product is produced by nature. Not artificial or manmade.

In IBIZA BAO ATELIER, the 99% of the assets that we use to manufacture our cosmetics are organic, using plants and plant-derived ingredients from organic farming.

Why sea water? Because it is an excellent nutrient for the skin and contains a large amount of minerals and trace elements in an organic and bioavailable way that provide great benefits that are amply demonstrated.

Why Ibiza? Because it’s top quality water. Hyperoxygenated water from both Posidonia and ocean currents which provides a high level of purity and clarity.

BAO cosmetic products are proud to be free from silicones, artificial parabens, mineral oil and sodium laurel sulfate. They contain no synthetic dyes nor genetically modified organisms, and they are certainly not tested on animals.

The elaboration process takes place in ecological conditions that respects our environment, and most of the ingredients are produced through organic farming.

Nature has been placed at the service of beauty and skin health, with the highest respect and productive rigour. Pure alchemy products extracted from the sea water of Ibiza and the most pure and natural ingredients are the essence of BAO cosmetics, suitable for both men and woman, with a subtle and delicate aroma. With BAO cosmetics you will get a healthy glowing skin.

BAO cosmetics are proven to improve the skin thanks to its special formulation of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. Due to their organic composition, the effects on anti-ageing hydration are highly surprising. Several studies confirm the benefits of organic cosmetics, since they are rich in essential nutrients. The organic ingredients of our cosmetics not only help improve the outer layer of the skin, also known as epidermis, but also are proven to be crucial for the skin cells.

We are extremely pleased to introduce BAO cosmetics, since efficiency and seriousness represents IBIZA BAO ATELIER main purpose.